Metronidazole (also known as Flagyl® or Metrolyl®) may cause acute liver failure in children with Cockayne syndrome and should be avoided. Please alert your doctors to this.

Health professionals can obtain further information from Dr. Brian Wilson

Any further drug reactions in this patient group should be reported to the regulatory authorities in your own country.

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Jayne Hughes
Tel: 07949 512968
(Founder and Co-ordinator)
Mark Hughes
(Co-founder and Treasurer)
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Medical Advisory Board
Medical Advisory Board
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Contact Address

Amy and Friends
OCC The Bowling Green
Village Road
CH43 5SR

Dr. Brian Wilson

UK Board of Medical Advisors

Consultant Geneticist
Great Ormond Street London

Dr. Peter Kang

 Paediatric Neurologist

Academic Title
Chief, Division of Pediatric Neurology
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Joint Associate Professor of Neurology
Joint Associate Professor of
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Morten Schiebye-Knudsen MD

Oxidative DNA Damage Process
and Mitochondria Functions Unit

Phone: 410-558-8270

Dr Nadège Calmels (Pharm. D, Ph. D)
Molecular geneticist

Laboratory of genetics diagnosis
University Hospital, Strasbourg, France

Activity: moleculardiagnosis of Cockayne syndrome
and other Nucleotide Excision Repair deficiencies.

Tel: (+33) 3 69 55 07 77

Dr. Vincent Laugel MD, PhD

Professor of Paediatric Neurology
Referral Centre for
Cockayne syndrome and related disorders

Strasbourg University Hospital
Avenue Moliere
F-67098 Strasbourg
Tel (+33) 3 88 12 84 98
Fax (+33) 3 88 12 83 30

Dr. Donata Orioli, PhD

Molecular geneticist
Institute of Molecular Genetics-CNR
Pavia, Italy

Tel: +39 0382 546330

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