Rebekah was born by C section, born breech and full term, when born she was a perfectly normal baby. As she was growing it was noticed that she was doing things slowly.

When Rebekah began to attend school her family admitted that she could not cope in mainstream school and she was transferred to a special school for children with Cerebral palsy. She attended this school for 9 yeas, until finishing aged 19 years old.

Up until this point Rebekah had been able to do lots of things for her self such as bathe, get dressed, use the bathroom, cook, read and write.

Sadly from age 23 she began to deteriorate, she lost her hearing and eventually her sight.

Rebekah is now aged 31 and needs care and support with bathing, feeding, nappy changes, being carried and and looked after 24/7.

Rebekah has a wonderful Dad who helps her a lot, he loves her to bits and every time he comes home from work he carries his baby round and she sits on his lap. Rebekah has very helpful sisters who take care of her.

We just love our precious angel!

Rebekah, Our little friend won her fight against Cockayne Syndrome and is now free to run and play in heaven.


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