This is our daughter Puk.

We’re from the Netherlands. Puk was born on July 30, 2005. She has an older brother and sister. Puk was suspicious from having CS during her first year of life. That is how we came in contact with other CS families. After a year a skinbiopt finally excluded this diagnosis. This was good news, but at the same time we felled back in complete uncertainty. But the CS families and Amy and Friends never have let us down. Today Puk still remains undiagnosed. We did every test that was reasonly possible. No one knows what future holds for Puk and for us. But the unconditional support and friendship from all the CS families is priceless.

Despite of the fact that Puk is not able to walk or talk, she is a very enterprising little girl. She has a happy character and a big sence of humor. With her infectious laugh, she is able to steal everyone’s heart. Puk is a real joy to have around and we’re very proud of her!

Mark, Daniëlle, Lex and Sam



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