Matthew James Spagnoletti was born on 26 December 2006, five weeks early and weighed 1.9 kgs.

Matthew was born with cataracts so when he was 4 months old, he had the lenses in his eyes removed and had to wear contact lenses until he was 3 years old.
Matthew gets fed by a mic key but still enjoys tasting some foods.
He is also hearing impaired and is supposed to wear hearing aids but chooses not too.

This little boy is very social and friendly and always has a smile on his face. He is very loving and his other name is the womaniser because he has lots of "girlfriends".
He is very busy so you have to watch him all the time.

Matthew has a older brother, Ryan, who also has CS.

Matthew Spagnoletti, Our little friend won his fight against Cockayne Syndrome and is now free to run and play in heaven.



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