Jebabli Kheireddine – 21/07/1995 – 24/05/2010

It is not easy to describe Kheireddine , ALLAH bless his soul. Like all CS children, he was amazing. He is my younger brother, but was more than a brother to me; I helped bring him up with the same love and guidance, as any mother would do.

Kheireddine was born 6 to 7 weeks earlier at home, with no problems, on July 21st 1995 in Tajerouine, EI Kef, TUNISIA (North east of Tunisia), and he passed away on May 24th 2010. His birth weight was 1.8kg, I remember his tiny body and head, his little fingers, toes and soft skin!

Kheireddine had many health problems from birth; at the age of 2 he saw a new doctor and he was diagnosed with Cockayne syndrome. The doctor said it was the second time he had seen the syndrome as he had met a sufferer in Paris.

Kheireddine’s smile and the wonderful moments we had with him throughout his life make us forget all our sorrows. Those who met him at first felt sorry for him; however, we were happy that we had the chance to have such an amazing baby in our lives. We could have never known the joy this special boy was going to bring to our lives; we have been left with many fabulous memories.

Kheireddine was well known in our small village. He was loved by all, and enjoyed giving hugs and kisses to every one. One of his favourite pass times was listening and dancing to music he used to play with his fingers like a pianist.

Family was a big part of Kheireddine’s life. He had a very strong relationship with his mother. For the first 12 years of his life he constantly wanted to be in her company: they eat , slept and bathed together. He especially loved giving his mother kisses for being such a special one, always caring for him and understanding his needs. He loved being kissed by his Father, especially neck kisses. His favourite time of the day was going on walks with his brother; he didn’t like to see his brother sad.

In his last 3 years on Earth he became so calm; he didn’t like to play as before. He used to sleep during the day and he get up at night. He prefered sleeping next to someone, and to feel him so close because he sought protection. He had problems with his eyes; he couldn't see clearly and he didn’t like light.

We all know that to each beginning there is an end. Kheireddine came to this life suddenly and so was he gone. He had breathing troubles and in 2 days God called him back. I remember the first time I saw him I had tears in my eyes, and the last time I saw him alive he had tears in his eyes. Maybe he wanted to say the last good bye and he couldn’t.

In short, Kheireddine has gone from our touch, but not from our hearts. We sheltered him with tenderness, we love him, and for the happiness we've known with him, we shall forever be grateful. I’m so happy that God gives me the chance to have such an amazing brother like him and he will stay alive forever in my heart. Thanks God for everything and may god bless his soul, hoping that he is enjoying his new life in heaven.


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