Amy has the cheekiest sense of humour ever and her laughter lights up a room. She only need to know you a minute or so before she is sitting on your knee and you're her friend!

Amy loves having a cup of tea and a gossip in her local cafe - especially with her best friend - Ami Knowles, she enjoys outings to the cinema, girlie shopping, listening to music (very loud) and also being on facebook.

Asked if she would prefer to kiss Olly Murs or have CS she said 'CS - then I can help the kids'.

Amy and her lovely boyfriend Nick who lives in Texas and has been her sweetheart since they were both 14 shared a blessing in 2010 and their dreams came true.

Amy you are an amazing girl and we are proud that you are ours. Love you angel girl - Mum, Dad, Jonny, Ben and Laura xxx



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